Please find here the questionnaires for the different Engendering the Stage activities at the Stratford Festival 2018.  Click on the link to be taken to an online version of the relevant questionnaire:

Stratford Festival

Swetnam, The Woman-Hater [Wordplay] (Fri. 21 Sep. 2018)

Laboratory Presentation (Sat. 22 Sep. 2018)

John Douglas Taylor Conference: 24 September 2018

Gender on the Early Modern Stage: What We Learned at the Stratford Lab and Next Steps (10.30am-12pm)

Trans, Queer, and Feminist Histories in Early Modern Theatre: Then and Now (1.30-2.20pm)

Creating the Gender-Fluid World of The Comedy of Errors, Stratford Festival 2018 (1.30-2.20pm)

Gender-Bending Shakespeare (7pm)